The Pilates Studio Sligo was set up in February of 2010 but from September 2011 it changed to Pilates and Fitness Studio Sligo.

Classes are in the Mercy College and the Sligo Park Hotel.

All equipment is provided: studio mats (to prevent spine injury or discomfort these mats are 4 times thicker then a regular exercise mat), fit balls, mini pilates balls, fit rings, dyna bands, foam rollers & toning balls

The studio can hold a max of 18 people per class depending on equipment used in that particular class, but most of my classes I like to keep small

These are the classes available in the studio, some of the classes may not be listed on the time table but if you are interested in any of these classes dont hestitate to give me a call…


  • Over 55’s Pilates
  • Beginners Pilates
  • Intermediate Level 1 Pilates
  • Intermediate Level 2 Pilates
  • Advanced Pilates
  • Pilates with equipment 

 All classes are in the Sligo Park Hotel 

About Me

I orginally trained in Hotel and Catering Management in Nottingham from 1996-2000. But in 2004 I decided to change career and I trained in Business, Recreation and Leisure in Sligo I.T where I received my Bachelor of Business degree in 2007.

Then I decided to train for my Pilates Dipolma in the National Training College in Dublin. I have received my dipolma and i am qualified in:

  • Pilates Matwork
  • Pilates Small Equipment
  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates
  • Elderly Pilates
  • Advanced Pilates
  • Personal Training
  • Gym Instruction
  • Gym Stick
  • Martial Art                                      Morning & Evening classes available